Prequalification (Retender) for Consulting Services for Project Implementation and Accompanying Measures

Post Date: 17/03/2020

Prequalification (Retender) for Consulting Services for Project Implementation and Accompanying Measures



Consulting Services for Project Implementation and Accompanying Measures Deadline:27, April 2020
15:00 (Central European Time)


Bosnia and Herzegovina
BMZ No.: 2018 67 803 (German Grant) / 3020 00 396(Swiss Grant)

Prequalification (Retender) for Consulting Services for Project Implementation and Accompanying Measures

Wastewater Collection and Treatment Gradiska

Tendering Agency:

The Employer is the City of Gradiska, which acts as Project Executing Agency.
The Employer is represented by a Project Implementing Unit (PIU):

PIU – Wastewater Collection and Treatment Gradiska
DejanPapric – Head of PIU
Kozarskihbrigada 36a
78400 Gradiška


Tender Agent:

Mr. Ingo Schoppe
Farbstrasse 33b
CH-3076 Worb, Switzerland


Programme Measures:

The purpose of the project is to ensure the collection, transmission and treatment of domestic wastewater of the City of Gradiska at affordable costs.

The overall investment volume under the project is approx. EUR 14.3 million (including consulting services and contingencies).

The following activities shall be executed within this project:

  • Rehabilitation/replacement of critical sections of existing sewers and collectors in order to reduce or prevent groundwater infiltration and/or wastewater leakages into the groundwater.
  • Implementation of secondary sewerage networks predominantly in those zones, where main drinking water source (Zeravica wellfield) is under threat by the current sanitation system, in zones of preferred urban development as well as in the Gradiska urban area in order to increase the connection rate to the sewerage system.
  • Construction of the new wastewater conveyance system (pump station and main collector) in order to transfer the overall collected wastewater to the envisaged new WWTP.
  • Construction of the new WWTP Gradiska to meet EU treated wastewater discharge standards.
  • Discharge pipeline from the WWTP into the recipient(up to 2km long) depending on the technical proposal which will be defined on the site.
  • Rehabilitation of several sewerage pumping stations.
  • Procurement of several vehicles for the operation of the water utility as well as the procurement of CCTV equipment.
  • Accompanying measures with the aim of the improvement of management and operation in order to ensure sustainable operation of the investment.

The PIU shall be supported by the Implementation Consultant in the following areas:

  • Detailed definition of the investment priorities
  • Preparation of the final designs and/or review of the existing designs
  • Assessment of existing soil reports and preparation of a detailed geotechnical survey including investigation boreholes on the proposed site for the WWTP and along the route of the main collector. The results of the survey shall be an integrative part of the tender documents.
  • Evaluation of CCTV inspection reports
  • Collection of information and preparation of all documents required to apply for an environmental approval for the investments (if required).
  • Supporting the process of obtaining the required legal permission (environmental permit, location permit, construction permit, operation permit)
  • Preparation of tender documents and assistance in the public (national and international) competitive bidding process including analysis and evaluation of the proposals (specifically: assessment of the adequacy of the prices offered)
  • Assistance in negotiation and contracting for goods, servicesand works.
  • Supervision and acceptance of works (including WWTP and the sewer network)
  • Counter-signature of disbursement requests
  • Overall management of the Project
  • Monitoring of development and participation in the review of the Contractor’s Final Project Design of WWTP

The start of consulting services under the project is planned for the fourth quarter of 2020.

The planned duration for design and tendering is 21 months and for the construction supervision period 27 months (plus further 12 months Defects Notification Period).

Services are to be provided by a team of sector and subject related experienced international and local experts. The consultant firm shall fulfil its tasks and services largely in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The nominated team leader/resident engineer will be responsible for ensuring a well-planned, coordinated and effective internal and external interaction with all concerned participants in order to ensure a timely and successful elaboration of services. Apart from technical qualification, key staff should have adequate experiences in regional, social and other non-technical issues.It is desirable, if the member of JV knows local legislation.

All the consulting activities shall be carried out in close cooperation with the PIUand shall take due account of the programme aims and relevant KfW guidelines.

The prequalification procedure of experienced Consultants will follow the KfW “Guidelines for Consulting Services, Works, Plant, Goods and Non-Consulting Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries”, which are available on KfW’s internet web-site (version January 2019):

It is foreseen to give the service to aninternationally operating consulting firm, preferably in association with domestic consultants, which are highly experienced in the concerned fields with an annual turnover of the lead consultant and all associated partners showing the necessary turnover for the consortium as a group of at least EUR 2.0 million.

Further Information:

Further information (only available in English language) is available free of charge from the Tender Agent upon written request at the address given above. It will be sent electronically only (by e-mail). No liability will be accepted for loss or late delivery.